Eco Thinking


The vines planted in our Estates are growing in an integrated production system giving priority to ecological and certificated methods (soil conservation and biodiversity maintenance) that minimize the harmful side effects and the use of agro chemicals, in order to protect the environment and the human health.

Quinta do Boição

Our main goals:
• Safeguard the health of the consumers;
• Preserve the environment;
• Care and improve the soil fertility and biodiversity;
• Ensure the stability of ecosystems (preventing soil erosion);
• Get high-quality agricultural products;
• Introduce valuable products in the market, while maintaining a competitive price;
• Meet ethical and social criteria.

Cegonha Branca (Ciconia Ciconia)Our main wine estate – Quinta S. João Batista - is in the vicinity of the Natural Reserve of Paul of Boquilobo. This estate is a sanctuary for the animals from this Reserve that choose it for protection and procreation.

It is possible in the Estate to observe all kinds of birds that come here on their migration routes, most notably the famous storks that, from October to May, make their nest here, lending a special beauty to the landscape.

The Natural Reserve of Paul of Boquilobo was chosen by UNESCO as one of the three hundred reserves in the world, representing the main ecosystems of the Biosphere. 


Since 2009, the Group has decided to incorporate new bottles, with less weight, that help the planet contributing with less environmental pollution.

Light Weight Glass

The reduction of glass in the bottles, provides a reduction in power consumption and in the utilization of raw materials, besides contributing to the environment, since the production line reduces substantially the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Besides using fewer raw materials in their production, the use of these bottles reduces the emission of gas during the wine transportation.
In our labels we started to use this symbol that attests our environmental policy.